As your trusted business adviser, Naden/Lean offers in-depth accounting industry knowledge to give you the best solutions and advice to reach and then surpass your goals. Our team of CPAs and accounting professionals are well-versed in all aspects of financial management. We are committed to serving the specific needs of our clients from a variety of industries.

With our experience and comprehensive understanding on industry specific trends, we stay informed on relevant industry news to ensure that our recommendations and solutions are suitable your business’s specific needs.


Naden/Lean professionals have a deep understanding of the demands impacting the contracting Industry. We understand the number of issues that you have to deal with on a daily basis, including change orders, contract revisions and scope changes, estimating and job cost analysis. We know the importance you place on working with a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have your best interest in mind.  As issues arise, you need an advisor who will be there. We are accessible to you as quickly as your jobs change and decisions need to be made. The contracting world, no matter what your niche or specialty is, is a dynamic world. As your key advisor, we must be just as dynamic.

Healthcare Professionals

Naden/Lean serves hundreds of  physical therapists, pharmacies, psychologists, urgent care facilities as well as several members of the health care industry .We founded our health care practice group over fifty years ago to provide knowledge, experience and quality service to medical and dental professionals. Our firm offers simplified record keeping, timely financial reporting and comprehensive tax planning and preparation. Our expert CPAs and business consultants understand the business of healthcare and will implement their unique set of skills and wisdom to improve your practice management functions and increase your practice’s profitability.*For Dentists seeking accounting and business consulting services, please visit our DentalCPA division.


Naden/Lean is committed to keeping our clients in the manufacturing industry ahead of the curve. We go beyond the traditional tax and accounting service to work with you in implementing profitable solutions for your business. Our team of experienced CPAs and business consultants are dedicated to supporting your business’ growth both strategically and profitably. We are here to help you with services that include increasing profit margins, cost accounting, company expansions and as well as several other areas that will support your business’ needs in the manufacturing industry.

Professional Services

As a professional service provider, it’s important for you to stay focused on your business and your clients’ needs. Naden/Lean’s trusted team of CPAs and business consultants will help you remain focused by managing your businesses’ financial matters on your behalf. We are dedicated to providing the appropriate solutions and strategies to support our client’s in producing successful and profitable businesses. Our specialized professional service experts, support firms with management strategies, compensation planning, tax planning and preparation services as well as much more.

Real Estate

Naden/Lean’s trusted team of CPAs and business consultants are skilled and equipped to provide comprehensive accounting, tax and consulting services to clients in the real estate industry such as property owners, investors, developers and family-owned real estate enterprises. Our industry experts understand the regulatory and business challenges facing the real estate industry and are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest news and policies in order to effectively help clients and their businesses thrive in the market. With over 50 years of experience, we assist our clients with handling complex transactions including acquisitions, development, investment and management of properties. With Naden/Lean’s guidance and expertise, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that their real estate assets are in good hands.

Technology Companies

Naden/Lean is dedicated to helping emerging and established software developers, creative service professionals and other technology companies create value within their businesses. We pride ourselves on building strong advisory relationships with our clients. Whether it’s establishing internal accounting control, compiling financial statements, or assisting with establishing record keeping, we offer our clients a trusted team of industry experts dedicated to presenting valuable insight throughout your entire business life cycle. We will help you link your organization’s core competencies and vision for the future to specific strategies for improving overall company performance.