IRS Withholding Woes: 2019 Tax Season Off to a Rocky Start

If you’re used to a big tax refund each spring, don’t make plans for this year’s refund just yet. Millions of Americans who already stated filing their taxes anticipating a refund are getting noticeably less. Some taxpayers even owe money when nothing changed in 2018. What did change in 2018 was tax withholding. And with … Continued →

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Tax Season?

The U.S. government was partially shut down on December 22, 2017 and was recently reopened last week; a record-breaking length of time. Although most of the damage to the economy will be reversed as federal workers return to their jobs, the CBO estimated $3 billion in economic activity is permanently lost. How will this affect tax … Continued →

Spring Cleaning Your Tax Records: What to Keep and What to Trash

With tax season behind us and spring cleaning in the forefront,  you may be looking at your financial records and asking yourself, “What do I need to keep?” For many taxpayers, the instinctive answer is, “Everything.” While the IRS does encourage you to keep important tax records, you don’t need to store every record indefinitely. … Continued →

Four Reasons to File Your Taxes Early

  It’s almost March 15th, which means one more month until your taxes are due. Have you filed your returns? Or do you typically wait until the last minute? If you’re among the estimated 20 percent of procrastinating taxpayers who file in the last two weeks leading up to the April deadline, here are four … Continued →