Avoiding Fraud and Hackers In 2020: Part I

Every tax season, scammers and fraudsters try to gain access to our personal data at a higher rate than other times of the year. Whether through fraudulent emails, fake phone calls, or hacking into computer or connected systems, it seems like there is a never-ending stream of attacks in the news. It’s more important than … Continued →

Key Provisions of the Taxpayer First Act of 2019

Tax identity theft is increasing. Tax reform in 2017 muddied the waters of compliance. Reaching someone at the IRS, when you need to, is burdensome. Thanks to the Taxpayer First Act of 2019, some of those issues are expected to improve. The bipartisan bill was signed into law on July 1, 2019 and contains some … Continued →

Lessons From the Tax Court and IRS, Plus The Rise of Tax Identity Theft

When taxpayers find themselves at odds with the IRS, they will typically find themselves facing judgment with the U.S. Tax Court. These recent cases highlight why it’s important to file your income taxes correctly – and to update your address after you move. In the first case, a married couple moved from Jersey City to … Continued →