2020 IRS Audit Red Flags

It’s true that the majority of tax returns will never have to undergo an audit; however, for the unlucky few taxpayers who submit legitimate tax returns and still must endure an audit, even one audit experience is one too many. Here are five types of red flags that are more likely to make the IRS … Continued →

Lessons From the Tax Court and IRS, Plus The Rise of Tax Identity Theft

When taxpayers find themselves at odds with the IRS, they will typically find themselves facing judgment with the U.S. Tax Court. These recent cases highlight why it’s important to file your income taxes correctly – and to update your address after you move. In the first case, a married couple moved from Jersey City to … Continued →

How Businesses Can Avoid W-2 Fraud

It’s not even on the IRS’s list of top 12 tax scams. It’s not frequently talked about in conversations regarding identity theft and fraud. But W-2 fraud is a growing threat, and it affects all businesses. In the 2017 filing season, 100 employers in the first 10 weeks were affected, which put about 120,000 employees … Continued →

Avoiding Tax and Identity Fraud

Identity theft related to tax fraud has decreased by an estimated two-thirds since 2015, according to a report from the IRS. Despite the increase in enforcement activities, thousands of taxpayers fall victim to scams every year. Read our last post on 2019 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams. Businesses are not immune to tax fraud or identity … Continued →

2019 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

Tax fraud happens year-round, but during tax season fraud scams are at an all-time high. With every tax season comes an increase in tax fraud occurrences. Sometimes taxpayers themselves are to blame. Unscrupulous paid tax preparers can also be responsible for inflating deductions and falsifying returns. And of course, fraudsters do their best every tax … Continued →