2020 IRS Audit Red Flags

It’s true that the majority of tax returns will never have to undergo an audit; however, for the unlucky few taxpayers who submit legitimate tax returns and still must endure an audit, even one audit experience is one too many. Here are five types of red flags that are more likely to make the IRS … Continued →

Estimated Tax Brackets for 2020

The last quarter of each year is traditionally reserved for last-minute tax moves, like charitable deductions, retirement contributions, capital investments, and other strategies to lower the taxable impact for the year. This year, in addition to the typical year-end tax saving tips, Naden/Lean will provide overviews of new strategies and tips to think about in … Continued →

Weddings Aren’t Tax Deductible … Right?

June through September is peak wedding season, and we’re betting you know someone who is getting married this summer – or has an anniversary. This is often the most expensive event a couple will plan, and if it was possible to save some money through tax breaks of all things, you’d want to know! From … Continued →

Tax Deductions and Benefits of Rental Property

The rise in the online travel industry and vacation rental services like Airbnb have dramatically increased the demand for home rentals, especially in areas known for tourism. Along with that rise, more Americans are buying and owning vacation homes not for pleasure, but for profit. About two-thirds of vacation homeowners rent out their properties, and … Continued →

12 Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

Owning your own business means working to help make your own dreams come true, to further your passion and ambition and create a meaningful source of income. It’s also terribly stressful sometimes and comes with a lot of risks and liabilities. Whether you’re growing your business or maintaining the revenue you already have, the costs … Continued →