How to Calculate Estimated Taxes in 2019

If this most recent tax season taught us anything, it was the need to check withholding at the beginning of the year – and throughout the year, too. Many Americans were surprised to learn their tax refunds were much lower than expected, and many others owed taxes unexpectedly. These unpleasant surprises can be avoided with … Continued →

2019 Tax Season Calendar

2019 Tax Season is here! Don’t get disorganized – know when you need to file and prepare key tax documents ahead of time. Naden/Lean has prepared a handy reference for 2019 tax season due dates. Bookmark this page for easy access. January 15th Individuals should make an estimated tax payment for the fourth quarter of … Continued →

Four Reasons to File Your Taxes Early

  It’s almost March 15th, which means one more month until your taxes are due. Have you filed your returns? Or do you typically wait until the last minute? If you’re among the estimated 20 percent of procrastinating taxpayers who file in the last two weeks leading up to the April deadline, here are four … Continued →