Claiming the R&D Tax Credit for Small Businesses and Startups

The Research and Development Tax Credit, commonly known as the R&D Tax Credit, has been around for decades to incentivize businesses to develop and invest in innovative products, processes, and more. What started out as a complicated tax credit that only large corporations could qualify for has shifted to a more accessible source of cash … Continued →

Maximizing Higher Education Tax Credits

Do you have a high school student who’s on her way to college in the fall? Or a college student about to return home for the summer? Or perhaps you’re continuing your own education as an adult. Either way, you know that higher education credits can go a long way toward increasing your tax refund. … Continued →

Should I Amend An Old Tax Return?

We often encourage you to look forward while planning for your financial future, but sometimes it’s worth looking behind you, too. This is the case with old tax returns. With the ever-changing tax code, you might have missed past deductions. Read on to find out the specifics and to see if you might qualify for … Continued →