2019 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

The end of the year often means more spending for business owners. Office parties, client gifts, and traditional holiday bonuses can add up and put the squeeze on your bottom line. But we have a few tax planning strategies that can help increase your cash flow just in time for the new year.  Because the … Continued →

How Small Businesses Can Improve Financial Health

This might be the busiest time of year for business owners. You have deadlines and holiday parties to balance, but we suggest also making time to analyze your company’s financial well-being. Let’s start with the basics. How do you measure the financial health of your business? Do you rely on the balance sheet or cash … Continued →

Artificial Intelligence For Small Business, Part II: How to Integrate AI Into Your Business

Last month on our blog, we discussed artificial intelligence, why it’s beneficial for small businesses, and how companies like yours are beginning to integrate AI into functional departments like IT, Marketing, and Customer Service. For this post, our team researched the top-rated AI apps and platforms that small businesses can use to automate everyday business … Continued →