Tech Practice Investments

The modern dental practice is an efficient, patient-centered experience that seamlessly integrates technology into everyday processes and procedures. Does this sound like your dental office? Even if you answered yes, read on for suggestions on the best technology to invest in for a more productive, profitable dental practice – and how to make your equipment … Continued →


2015 PRACTICE FINANCIAL STATS COMMENTARY We’ve completed the process of compiling our dental practice financial statistics based upon 2014 & 2015 data and the results show very little change compared to five years ago. Remember, the US economy went through a downturn beginning in late 2008 which lasted probably through the majority of 2012. Therefore, … Continued →

Questions to Consider When Creating a 50/50 Partnership

While practicing in a partnership or group practice has its advantages, such as sharing management responsibilities, marketing duties and operational costs, there also can be a few drawbacks of a group practice. One of the biggest mistakes dentists make it not having a comprehensive agreement to manage the partnerships. If you are considering a 50/50 … Continued →

The 9 Dos and Don’ts of Divorcing Your Business Partner

This is a guest blog from Melanie Glickson, ESQ.             The dissolution of a business can be just as harrowing as divorcing your spouse.  Business partners split up for any number of reasons.  Sometimes one partner is not producing.  This might be due to personal troubles, like addiction to drugs or alcohol, which leads a … Continued →