Dental Practice Exit Strategies: How to Choose the Right Goal

For many dentists, your practice means more than just a paycheck or a job. Your practice represents years of hard work, commitment, and sacrifices. There are decades of memories. That’s why selling your practice is such an emotional decision. When the sale price represents such a big piece of your life, you want to get … Continued →

Making Your Dental Practice Stand Out

What is your plan for attracting new patients and standing out from competing dental practices? Marketing should be an important element of your dental practice’s growth, but more than 60 percent of dentists don’t have a specific marketing strategy, according to Dentaltown. This represents a huge opportunity for innovative dentists to separate themselves from the … Continued →

How to Increase the Value of Your Dental Practice Before a Sale

If you’ve been reading the blog at N/L Transitions, hopefully you know that the time before a dental practice sale is crucial. While some dentist owners may be satisfied with the status quo, eagerly awaiting their next step, you should take this opportunity to gear up your dental practice and increase its value. It might … Continued →

Transitions Can Be Scary: Worst-Case Scenarios and How To Handle Them

  Halloween is right around the corner, and that means trick or treating, ghost stories, and scary costumes. Selling your dental practice in the wrong way can be scary, too. Whereas ghost stories and scary costumes pass with the season, falling into a transition pitfall can lead to permanent and unpleasant consequences. These are some … Continued →

Does Your Dental Practice Need a Check-Up?

As dentists, you encourage your patients to come in every six months for a check-up. You know that proper hygiene and routine dental care can often prevent many long-term and more serious dental issues. When is the last time your dental practice got a check-up? Especially if you’re looking to transition out of your practice, … Continued →