Reviewing Fraud Prevention Tactics and Strategies for Dental Practices

It’s easy to assume that your practice is immune to fraud. Ignorance is bliss, right? This case study from the ADA might change your mind: A young, new dentist acquired an existing practice and decided to keep the staff intact. After all, they knew the patients, and the previous dentist trusted them. But on the … Continued →

Examining Where Fraud Occurs in Dental Practices

Did you know that fraud in dentistry costs around $12.5 billion every year? We’re talking about filing false insurance reimbursements, intentionally miscoding procedures, and outright theft from the practice. Not knowing is not the answer. No one wants to have five percent or more of their practice’s revenue just disappear, not to mention how badly … Continued →

Women in Dentistry Series: How Retirement Planning is Different

The unfortunate truth is that female dentists face an uphill battle when preparing for retirement. The challenge starts with the difference in earning potentials. Yes, the gender pay gap is closing but not fast enough. Women in dentistry are making an average of $120,00 per year while male dentists are making an average of $185,000 … Continued →

How Female Dentists Can Better Prepare for Retirement

In our last post, we outlined some of the reasons why planning for retirement is a tougher challenge for female dentists. Women are taking more leadership roles in dentistry without sacrificing their family roles. In many cases, the demands of running a dental practice and managing a family can be hard to balance. Saving for … Continued →