Important Changes for 2019 Tax Season

2018 was the first year that most of the changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took effect. For the first time, we’re seeing the results on tax returns. Here’s a snapshot of the major changes that happened in 2019. Tax Brackets One of the biggest changes in 2018 concerned tax brackets. There are … Continued →

How Is Tax Reform Affecting Dentists’ Tax Returns in 2019?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made sweeping changes to the federal tax code. Even though we’ve had a year to adjust, this filing season is the first time we’ve really started to see the results of changes that went into effect during 2018. There were a number of tax changes affecting dentists … Continued →

Should I Amend An Old Tax Return?

We often encourage you to look forward while planning for your financial future, but sometimes it’s worth looking behind you, too. This is the case with old tax returns. With the ever-changing tax code, you might have missed past deductions. Read on to find out the specifics and to see if you might qualify for … Continued →

2018 Year-End Investment Management Checklist

Throughout the year you’ve checked on your investments for progress or signs of decline. You’ve noticed gains and losses. But have you thought about your overall investment strategy lately? The end of the year is the best time revisit it. That way you can maximize your tax benefit and get a jump start on your … Continued →