Concerned About Covid-19? We’re Here To Help – Book Your 30-Minute Consultation (CLIENTS ONLY)

We know you are concerned about the havoc COVID-19 is causing on everyone’s economic livelihood and business continuity. While some clients have reached out to us, we’re sure there continue to be questions and concerns about your situation as we know everyone has heard or read information including misinformation on the web, from colleagues and from the press.

We are setting up a dedicated COVID-19 telephone appointment time for any client who would like to discuss their specific questions and concerns. These dedicated COVID-19 appointments are being scheduled in 30-minute increments between 11am – 4pm on Tuesday thru Friday of this coming week. If you would like to schedule a time to discuss your situation with your NL advisor, please email Sue at and she will schedule your time.

Given we are working in a remote environment and are navigating significant amounts of activity and fluid information during this time, we ask that you provide a phone number where we will reach you at your scheduled time and that you be prepared to receive our call at that time. If you schedule a time and are unable to keep it, we ask that you email Sue to cancel or reschedule in advance.

These appointments are purely elective on your part so if you feel you’ve already handled your questions with us or don’t have an immediate need, then it’s not necessary for you to schedule a time this week. Depending on how things progress in the coming days and weeks, we may likely continue offering this dedicated Covid-19 phone time in future weeks. Also know that you’re always welcome to reach out to us at any time should you feel you need our help.

Let’s all stay safe and make the best choices we can during these historic times.

Your NL Team thanks you for choosing us.