Artificial Intelligence For Small Business, Part II: How to Integrate AI Into Your Business

Last month on our blog, we discussed artificial intelligence, why it’s beneficial for small businesses, and how companies like yours are beginning to integrate AI into functional departments like IT, Marketing, and Customer Service. For this post, our team researched the top-rated AI apps and platforms that small businesses can use to automate everyday business functions, streamline tasks, improve customer relationships, and find meaningful data from marketing campaigns and other business documents.

Although we don’t profess to be technology experts (each of these resources below has its own technical support system), as business consultants we’d be remiss if we didn’t alert our clients of possible ways to stay competitive and efficient. Read on for our suggestions on easy-to-integrate AI applications for small business.

Office Functions

The tasks of scheduling meetings, making phone calls, and following up on emails is time-consuming. These apps claim to streamline those functions through machine learning, and after you “train” them on proper processes and procedures, you should begin to see some or all of these tasks automated.

  • Clara Can automate meeting scheduling, reserve conference rooms, confirm meetings and conduct follow-up)
  • Caspy Specializes in email monitoring and organization

And, for businesses that routinely drive sales through their website, this app can assist with e-commerce and merchandising: Apptus.

Customer Service

Your customer service team, whether it’s one individual or a small group of people, can benefit from Digital Genius, which personalizes online customer service inquiries or DialogFlow, whose voice recognition software helps companies engage in real-time, automated conversations on messenger apps or other platforms, like Slack, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Human Resources

Ask your Director of Human Resources about the most time-intensive parts of his or her job, and one of the top responses is likely recruiting. Arya claims to make the recruiting process easier by simplifying it from start to finish and helping HR find the best candidates based on behavioral data and past successful hires.

Marketing and Sales

In a time when customers go online to find products and services and companies compete for limited attention spans, it can be tough to win new business without the right tools.

Online Campaigns and Social Media

Additionally, chatbots are a growing online marketing trend wherein companies of all sizes can utilize the direct messaging capabilities on social media. ChatFuel and ManyChat are both top-rated to automate that process.

Competitive Intelligence


Monkey Learn According to their website, Monkey Learn uses “state-of-the-art sentiment analysis, classification and prediction algorithms small business can instantly draw useful business insights from any bit of their data.”

Data Management

SalesForce Einstein

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

For businesses that have tech-savvy employees or want to dive deeper into developer-based AI, these resources are considered the best to build custom AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence may not fall under the typical purview of accounting consulting, but at Naden/Lean, we’re in the business of helping our clients grow. And when we can help them identify opportunities to do that through better technology, we want to tell them.

Did we miss anything? Do you use an AI platform in your business that’s not on this list? Tell us on Facebook or email us at