Dentist Wants to Know How to Write Off Business Expense of Automobile

My wife travels once
or twice a week to our removable lab 185 miles round trip, as well as travels
to the nearest large city 85 miles round trip for supplies for the office once
or twice a week.  I bought an old beater for 2300 dollars a couple of
years ago that just died that we were using. Last week I had to trade my car in
due to a wreck. Is there any legal way to write off a portion of this new car?

Absolutely! There’s nothing illegal about deducting the
business use of one’s automobile.
Here’s a link to where you can search for how to deduct auto expenses.

If you have been using your vehicles for business use and not deducting the
expenses I wonder what else you’re not deducting and could be? I’d also wonder
how much you’d be able to get back in taxes by amending some prior year

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