11 Reasons Why a Dental CPA is Preferable to a General Accountant for a Dentist

Here are 11 reasons why using a dental CPA is preferable to an accountant who isn’t dental specific. We’d love to hear your suggestions for other reasons as well.

11. Your accountant doesn’t know the difference between a prophy and a root canal.

10. Your accountant doesn’t know how participation in insurance plans affects the percentage of adjustments to gross productions.

9. Your accountant doesn’t know what reasonable associate compensation models are.

8. Your accountant doesn’t know if your accounts receivable balance is ‘normal’.

7. Your accountant doesn’t know what your overhead percentages should be based on your specialty.

6. Your accountant doesn’t know how much your hygiene department productions should be relevant to their compensation.

5. Your accountant doesn’t know what portion of your practice should be dentist production versus hygiene production.

4. Your accountant doesn’t regularly present to dental association, study clubs and schools on such topics as, How to Buy a Dental Practice, Life after Graduation, Overhead Benchmarks, etc…

3. Your accountant has never heard of Dentaltown.

2. You don’t understand why vendors are saying that new Cerec is practically ‘free’ after ‘tax deductions’.

1. You are seeing twice as many patients as last year, but your cash flow is tight.

These are 11 reasons you should contact the Dental CPAs for a complimentary consultation about your practice performance.

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