Changes to the CDT Code in 2020

We’ve seen the field of dentistry undergo many changes over the past several years, between tech upgrades, M&A activity, the insurance landscape, and the tax code. In 2020, new changes that will affect every dentist involve substantial changes to the CDT code. The ADA received more than 156 code change requests to the CDT dental … Continued →

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Managing Dental Practice Labor Costs

In dentistry, labor costs usually represent the highest percentage of practice overhead. The industry average is around 27 percent and may or may not include benefits like retirement contributions, healthcare premiums, bonuses, and other benefits. I’ve seen practices where labor costs exceed 30 and even 40 percent of overhead expenses, and while I understand how … Continued →

Dental CPAs Q&A: Should High Labor Costs Disqualify a Practice Acquisition?

In this edition of Dental CPAs Q&A, I’m going tackle a difficult topic: labor costs. It’s a sensitive subject to bring up sometimes because most dentists I know think the world of their staff, and want to compensate them accordingly for all the work they do supporting and growing the practice. There are limits to … Continued →

How Dentists Can Claim the QBID Deduction for Rental Real Estate

Last October, I wrote about a handful of specific definitions of the Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID) as they applied to dentists. Given the law’s restrictions on type of business and income threshold, we already know that some dentists won’t qualify. But there are enough who will benefit a little all the way up to … Continued →