Business Interruption Insurance – Do I have coverage for COVID-19 Losses?

Here we are several months into the Covid-19 Pandemic. Businesses have been applying and receiving a variety of loans and grants; SBA, local government grants, health and human service grants, business association grants, etc. But should our business insurance help cover our losses incurred by the closures and loss of business caused by the pandemic?   … Continued →

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The Age Old Question For a Dental Practice Buyer: Should You Pay For Potential?

This is a very common question we get with certain practice transitions and many believe the answer is easy, NO! Sometimes I’d agree and other times I would flatly disagree. Unfortunately, it depends on what the potential is and who’s selling it. I believe there are two types of potential when it comes to practice … Continued →

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COVID-19 – 07-01-20 BULLETIN RELEASE – PPP Loan Forgiveness & Provider Relief Fund

Forgiveness Application After much anticipation, the SBA has released new forgiveness applications and additional guidance regarding the recent changes put in place with the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA). The SBA provided two applications and related instructions – the abbreviated Form 3508EZ and the detailed Form 3508. Both applications clearly allow for the 24-week … Continued →

Practice Transitions With COVID-19

Just as the US is starting to re-open from this pandemic so are dental practices across the country. Dental practices are faced with a new set of protocols along with a new set of overhead expenses known as PPE. While many practice owners are processing this new norm and implementing these new procedures in their … Continued →