Selling a Fee for Service Practice

Before the 2008 recession, Dentists strived to have a fee-for-service practice.  Just think about it, no write-offs for insurance, patients paid when treatment was completed and there were no headaches dealing with insurance companies. The most interaction with the insurance companies was when you submitted the insurance form for your patients.  The patient was responsible … Continued →

What Happens to Receivables After a Practice Transition

When a practice is being purchased, what happens to the accounts receivables?  Typically, the seller retains the receivables.  Who will collect them? What will happen is that the staff of the practice will continue to collect them, just as they did when the seller was the owner of the practice.  The collection process has a … Continued →

Case Study: Waiting Too Long To Sell Your Practice

Dr. S is in the process of selling his General Dentistry practice but seems to be having issues with the market assessment of his practice, and the proposed asking price which was suggested. Dr. S has been in practice for 35 years, practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  It was always Dr. S’s plan to sell … Continued →

A/R related Strategies When Buying a Practice

Most dental practice buyers have the notion that the A/R (patient accounts receivables) aspect of buying a dental practice is fairly straightforward. You either buy the A/R or you don’t. However, I will cover three nuances concerning the A/R if you choose NOT to buy them. First, let’s briefly summarize the main two points of … Continued →

Tips For Easier Transitioning From Your Dental Practice

  More dentists have chosen to retire or sell their practices with the aftereffects of CoVid 19 and changes in practice protocols. There are usually no likely specific rules that apply to every seller, but you may want to consider thinking out of the box to have a successful dental transition. Being receptive to more … Continued →