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Client Profile

Founded in 1953, The Children’s Guild has been an innovator in providing services for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders. A non-profit organization, The Children’s Guild is one of the largest providers for special education, group living, treatment foster care, and family mental health services in Maryland.


The Children’s Guild was in need of assistance with establishing email and telephone connections so staff members could more efficiently communicate on the same network. They also sought an experienced company that could guide them through the process of applying for the E-RATE program, a universal service program that help schools in urban and rural areas finance telecommunication and internet services. In the fall of 2000, Next Level Technology was awarded the contract as the outsourced IT support provider.


With the support and guidance of Next Level Technology, The Children’s Guild gained eligibility for the E-RATE program and received financial funding which allowed the organization’s four locations to be connected through WAN, a wide area telecommunications network that provides service for a broad area. Next Level Technology experts also solved the problem of having separate phone lines by creating a centralized reception area that made it easy for parents to contact any location through the use of one main telephone number.

“Of all vendors, Next Level Technology is the closest (to us). They have continued to provide exceptional IT management and planning services at an affordable rate. We truly value the relationship. Next Level Technology takes a proactive approach to understanding and supporting The Guild’s mission. They have a strong sense of community awareness and have been one of our most consistent supporters over the years” said Stephen Baldwin, Executive Vice President of Support Services and Chief Financial Advisor. “Next Level Technology has also assisted us with staffing our IT employees for over ten years, they have done an excellent job of finding top candidates that best suit our needs. Through Next Level Technology’s selection process, we have hired several of our top employees including our current Director of Technology and Maintenance, Chip Kruba, who has been successfully managing our on-site IT department for several years,” Mr. Baldwin stated.

For over a decade, Next Level Technology has provided The Children’s Guild with extensive IT management and planning services. Satisfied with their years of support, The Children’s Guild continues to trust Next Level Technology to support them in several service areas including domain purchasing, domain maintenance, DNS management, website hosting, as well as IT staff screening.