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Client Profile

Founded in 2008, the Maryland State Taekwondo Association (MSTA) supports athletes, coaches, and referees in the taekwondo community throughout the state of Maryland.


In order to compete in tournaments on a national level, MSTA needed to become a non-profit organization. They were in need of an experienced accounting firm that could guide and support them through the process of applying for non-profit status.


Naden Lean’s (NL) CPA, Jeff Drake, worked with MSTA to gather all the required financial information and assisted them throughout each step of the twenty-seven page application process. Jeff provided his knowledge and experience in non-profit accounting to make the best financial recommendations that were most suitable for MSTA. When the need arose for the services of a legal professional, Jeff confidently referred MSTA to one of N/L’s trusted legal affiliates. The legal team supported MSTA with the Articles of Incorporation portion of the application process. Once the application was submitted and approved, MSTA successfully received non-profit status. Satisfied with their experience with N/L group, MSTA has trusted our firm to support them with tax preparation and financial consulting services on a reoccurring basis.