Staff Discuss “The Naden/Lean Difference”

This tax season, several staff members provided insight into what makes Naden/Lean a great workplace and how the firm provides exceptional value to clients. Read on for their perspectives on “the Naden/Lean Difference.” Bookmark this page to read new interviews as they’re added. Janet Higgins Teresa Sowder Bruce Caulk Stephen Kadin Vera Roslyakova Laura Kordek … Continued →

Planning a Vacation with a Foreign Business Trip? Here Are Some Tax Pointers

When you travel outside of the U.S. and the trip is 100% devoted to business, all of the ordinary and necessary business travel expenses are deductible, just as if the business trip were within the U.S. On the other hand, if the trip also incorporates a vacation, special rules determine the deductibility of the travel … Continued →

Tax Breaks for Hiring Your Children in Your Family Business

With school summer break finally here and employees heading out for summer vacations, you might consider hiring your children to help out in your business. Financially, it makes more sense to keep the family employed rather than hiring strangers, provided, of course, that the family member is suitable for the job. Rather than helping to … Continued →

Employers, Don’t Miss the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Through 2019, Maryland employers who hire individuals from targeted groups are qualified to claim the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC). The credit is elective, and if claimed it reduces the employer’s wage deduction dollar for dollar. The credit is a percentage of the employee’s first-year wages, generally up to $6,000 per eligible employee, paid during … Continued →